My Drawings

2012-05-01 01:27:54 by Chinnaru

Since last logging in to Newgrounds I have drawn alot.

Heres a link to them :)

New upcoming game

2009-11-21 07:01:36 by Chinnaru

Im currently in the first stages of the game
ive just got one problem with the ground
if i get that fixed ill be on my way to completing the rest of the levels

New upcoming game


2009-11-20 05:02:46 by Chinnaru

ive made the preloader and the replay button and title.

now what am i going to make?

My first flash

2009-11-14 05:19:12 by Chinnaru

im trying out this new flash maker , and now im posting a very very short skit

My first flash